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pretty interesting but doesn’t mean SHIT to me. my address&phone number aren’t on facebook or any other site. it’s not even on my resume. so knowing my first&last names (a combination shared with at least 30 other women), my e-mail address (which is, my birthday (which isn’t really relevant unless you’re giving me something for free when it comes around like those handy little gift cards i get every february hoping i patronize your place of business), and all the random tv shows and music (just about every funny/witty/intriguing/medical/construction/overly tanned&hair sprayed/stupid/opulent/late night/cartoon/homosexual tv show in existence) is really not information i make a big deal about keeping secret.

maybe if i wasn’t just like so many other 18-35 year-old Americans with a first name found in the Bible and a last name of western european decent, I’d probably be pretty concerned that these people actually had some legit way of pinpointing me on the internet or on a map short of me writing down my ip address and handing them my driver’s license to match my specific Bible-inspired WesternEuro identity.




What information are you broadcasting about yourself via social networks?

A direct marketer’s dream

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    Another reason why I quit Facebook years ago! Though I don’t put any phone numbers up on these sites.
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    pretty interesting but doesn’t mean SHIT to me. my address&phone number aren’t on facebook or any other site. it’s not...
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    Info about YOU??
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    Ewww, Facebook, why do I still have you.
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