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Moms for Romney/Ryan #rnc2012 (Taken with Instagram at 2012 Republican National Convention)

If Moms drive the economy, why did so many republicans vote against the Lily Ledbetter act for equal pay for equal work? The single mom pictured could probably use the extra 25% of her EARNED pay to feed and cloth those growing kids. I would’ve liked to have been a girl scout, done tap dancing, played the drums, learned guitar, done competitive cheerleading, joined a swim team, and not have to be paying my own way through college but that’s not the case because my single mom is missing almost half of her salary every year. In fact, men with her job make almost $130,000 a year and she’s tens of thousands away from making 6 figures.

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via NPR
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    Mom’s don’t just drive the economy, they are part of the economy.
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    This mom isn’t “for” anyone that thinks I shouldn’t have the right to control whether or not I procreate. I’m sorry. If...
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    I think it literally means that mom’s are supposed to drive everyone else around to do important things while they wait...
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    I wonder if women without children are allowed to support the ticket? Or is it just moms?
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    "Moms for Romney?" Well, not my mom.
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    Good to know they have your back (and your baby’s from sexual assault, too)
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